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Kitchen Cabinets Saskatoon

Kitchen Cabinets Saskatoon

If your cabinets are scratched, dinged up, or look dated it may seem like they need to be replaced. The reality is that most people can update their cabinets instead of replacing them entirely. Feel like you’re having an entirely new kitchen installed without the time and savings that come with a completely remodeled space.

Cabinet repair and refacing can be a variety of services, depending on the condition of your cabinet. You could choose to have them touched up for small scuffs, dings or scratches, or you could go for a full makeover.

Kitchen Cabinets Saskatoon

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How Cabinet Refinishing, Repair or Refacing Works

Cabinet refacing is an affordable alternative to replacing your cabinets. It involves sanding, priming and painting the cabinet doors with a new color or design, then attaching them to the existing cabinet frames. This option can give your kitchen a whole new look for not much money at all!

If you’ve decided on replacement instead, you can choose from a variety of options, including new materials like bamboo or recycled plastic. You may also want to consider changing the cabinet hardware or opting for glass doors instead of wood.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We know what’s best for your home renovation. From design consultation to installation services, we’ll provide a job well done! We want easy and enjoyment when it comes to the redesign of your new kitchen. Contact our team today!

Kitchen Cabinets Saskatoon

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We have over years of experience working on home renovations, and can assure you that we’ll build your home to the highest possible standards. We work with different budgets, styles and finishes so there’s a design for every individual.

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Saskatoon Home Renovations Saskatoon is a company that specializes in home renovation. We specialize in helping you with your project from the design stage to installation and finish, so come and contact us!
We Offer: Home renovation in Saskatoon means we can help redesign your home according to customer specifications. From floor plan layouts, cabinet layout solutions, and even appliance selection, our kitchens are designed for efficient living spaces.

We specialize: Home Renovations Saskatoon has the experience to handle home renovation of all sizes, shapes, and layouts! We’re happy to work with any style or layout you prefer.